How can we protect our communities and natural habitats?

Extreme weather is affecting every continent, the seas and atmosphere are warming at unprecedented rates, and some of the consequences are irrevocable.

At The University of Manchester, our experts are at the forefront of change, developing the solutions to help protect the communities and natural habitats most vulnerable to climate change.

By working worldwide, we pioneer ways to build physical and social resilience, with projects that address:

  • protecting and restoring ecosystems;
  • understanding changing risks from climate impacts for infrastructure and people;
  • building defences, warning systems and resilient infrastructure;
  • food security and sustainable agriculture;
  • health and wellbeing.

We're driving action to address the loss and damage caused by the changing climate.

Real-world solutions

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Current projects

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Our expertise

We're at the forefront of the search for solutions to the climate crisis, seeking to be a global force for positive change. 

Our Sustainable Futures platform draws together the unique breadth and depth of our interdisciplinary research, and our special focus on advanced materials, biotechnology, cancer, energy and global inequalities allows us to tackle some of the biggest challenges with a discipline-focused lens. 

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