Inclusive and Prosperous Futures

Delivering environmental sustainability through a just transition that enables communities to thrive.

Inclusive and Prosperous Futures is informing the search for sustainable futures for all.  Through collaborative, co-productive and interdisciplinary research we envisage an equitable sustainable future that does not negatively impact particular segments of society.  We aim to overcome intersecting inequalities (e.g. geography, gender, race, class, disability, education), many of which are exacerbated by environmental crisis, to ensure a socially just and inclusive sustainable future. 

Thinking more globally, and working from the micro to macro scale, we seek to include the voices and experiences of individuals and communities through to large-scale global organisations and policymakers.  In doing so, we will open up diverse critical debate on how sustainable endeavours can ensure inclusivity and prosperity for all, whilst avoiding unintended consequences.

Case Studies