Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures facilitates interdisciplinary research by supporting the institutes, centres, and external partnerships working together to meet the challenge of delivering a healthy and sustainable future.

Healthy Futures is focused on activities at the University in two key aspects of this challenge area:

  • Human Health and Wellbeing: Being healthy is important for building inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable societies. This area focuses on improving health and healthcare outcomes, addressing health inequalities and mitigating the impact of the changing environment on human health.
  • Environment and Ecosystem Health: The health of the plants, animals, and ecosystems we share the planet with are key to a Sustainable Future. Ensuring health and biodiversity of wild and human-coupled systems is vital for food security, mitigating zoonotic disease, and providing resilient ecosystems and ecosystem services. 

Case Studies 


Healthy Futures Challenge Lead

Professor Holly Shiels, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health 

Holly Shiels is a Professor of Integrative Physiology at The University of Manchester. Her research focuses on cardiac physiology in ectotherms and the mechanisms which maintain or adjust heart function in a changing environment. Such knowledge has applications to cardiac health and disease and in predicting how organisms, populations, ecosystems and natural resources respond to environmental change and stressors.