Resourceful Futures

Providing for human needs in ways that sustainably manage finite resources and recover value from rather than lose materials into the environment.

The Resourceful Futures challenge area explores the importance of providing for human needs and regenerating nature by sustainably managing both renewable and finite resources, and recovering value rather than wasting energy, materials and water. The magnitude of the threats of not achieving the Resourceful Futures objectives is significant enough to consider it an independent challenge, but is clearly interlinked with the rest of the challenges of Sustainable Futures. The smart management of resources implies a systemic vision and is crucial to becoming resilient, tackling climate change and achieving healthy and inclusive futures.

The Resourceful Futures challenge has been divided into the following six sub-groups, which bring together academics with different perspectives to collaborate. The Resourceful Futures sub-groups are:

If you are interested to be part of one (or more) of the subgroups and being informed of future activities (e.g. specific seminars, working in internal or external consortia for calls or doing networking) please contact the Area Challenge Lead Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid.

Case Studies