Human Health and Wellbeing

Attaining healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is a sustainable development goal considered essential for a sustainable future by the United Nations and The University of Manchester.

Being healthy is important for building inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable societies.  Thus improving health and healthcare outcomes, addressing health inequalities and mitigating the impact of the changing environment on human health are key foci of the Healthy Futures Challenge.  We tackle global health care challenges such as  aging, cancer, and infectious disease by linking our research institutes and research centres with the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre to unite healthcare providers with academics to deliver world-class health research, health education, and patient care in the North West and beyond.

Werecognise the role social inequalities play in health and disease, and the growing and unequal threat of changing climate to global wellbeing. Heathy Futures brings people together to address local and global health inequalities at home and abroad, and during peace and during conflict.  

Healthy Futures will address public concerns about emerging contaminants such as microplastics or advanced materials, including nanomaterials, in our environment and our workplace and their potential impact on human health, in collaboration with experts and scientists from government agencies.