How do we secure global net zero?

Climate change impacts are widespread and intensifying, but strong, sustained reductions in carbon emissions will limit climate change.

At Manchester, our researchers are working with governments, businesses and communities to drive those urgent reductions.

Our expertise includes how to:

  • speed up the transition from unabated fossil fuels to low carbon energy;
  • fast track the decarbonisation of sectors including housing, transport and food;
  • accelerate exploration into transformational technologies such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage;
  • measure and account for carbon emissions;
  • better understand co-benefits and trade-offs between sectors (such as water, energy and agriculture) and between sustainable development goals to improve policy and products.

Through our research, collaborations and partnerships, we’re making a difference on a global scale.

Real world solutions

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Our expertise

We're at the forefront of the search for solutions to the climate crisis, seeking to be a global force for positive change. 

Our Sustainable Futures platform draws together the unique breadth and depth of our interdisciplinary research, and our special focus on advanced materials, biotechnology, cancer, energy and global inequalities allows us to tackle some of the biggest challenges with a discipline-focused lens. 

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