How can we turn ambition into reality?

Manchester research is pioneering, interdisciplinary and – crucially – collaborative. Through our cross sector partnerships, we catalyse change.

We work with governments, business and civil society to develop end-to-end solutions that make a difference because they tackle the challenge from every angle.

We collaborate across sectors, cultures and countries to help drive the transformations needed  from the way we heat our homes and travel around, to how we adapt to the ever changing environment.

We deliver real-world impact by working as partners to deliver progress, faster.

Current projects

Explore some of the pioneering projects our researchers are working on.



  • African Cities  a collaborative approach to tackling complex problems in the continent’s rapidly changing cities.
  • Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions  examining who and where is vulnerable to fuel and transport poverty in the UK. 
  • Engager  a research network aimed at developing and strengthening an international community focused on combating energy poverty
  • Interreg Europe  a multi-agency European project to help increase the use of renewable energies in vulnerable groups.
  • Preparing and protecting against the impacts of climate change  a new £5 million research programme to drive forward the UK’s world-leading response to climate change. 
  • Woodland restoration  helping trees and woodlands adapt to climate change and enable the UK to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions.


  • IGNITION  innovative ways of financing natural solutions to deliver resilience to increasingly extreme climate.

Our expertise

We're at the forefront of the search for solutions to the climate crisis, seeking to be a global force for positive change. 

Our Sustainable Futures platform draws together the unique breadth and depth of our interdisciplinary research, and our special focus on advanced materials, biotechnology, cancer, energy and global inequalities allows us to tackle some of the biggest challenges with a discipline-focused lens. 

Find out about the programmes and people behind our research.

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