How do we finance this change?

We need to mobilise trillions of pounds of private and public sector finance, to power us towards net zero, and to manage the increasing impacts of climate change on our communities.

This means we need to ensure every financial decision takes climate into account.

At Manchester, our experts are devising ways to transform how we think and drive the financial innovation needed to achieve our climate goals. This includes:

  • considering the stimulus packages required to rebuild economies from the pandemic;
  • building systems to assess the risks and opportunities of a net zero economy;
  • ensuring our financial systems can cope with the impacts of climate change;
  • driving investors to commit to supporting the change needed;
  • supporting developing countries.

Our distinctive approach informs both the private and public sectors, empowering decisions that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.

Current projects

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Our expertise

We're at the forefront of the search for solutions to the climate crisis, seeking to be a global force for positive change. 

Our Sustainable Futures platform draws together the unique breadth and depth of our interdisciplinary research, and our special focus on advanced materials, biotechnology, cancer, energy and global inequalities allows us to tackle some of the biggest challenges with a discipline-focused lens. 

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Institutes and centres

The scale of our interdisciplinary research activity sets us apart. Discover our world-leading research institutes and centres working on ways to finance the urgent change needed:


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